The Strategic Planning and Environment Committee (SPEC) shall be comprised of eleven representatives. Three representatives shall be from the Executive Board; four representatives from the Transmission Owning Member sector as nominated by the Secretary General; and four representatives from the Transmission Using Member sector, as nominated by the Secretary General. The Executive Board appoints the representatives of the SPEC at the regular meeting of the Executive Board immediately following each annual meeting of Members.

The SPEC meets at least twice per calendar year, and additionally as needed, provided that a quorum, as defined in this Articles of Agreement, is present. The SPEC reports to the Executive Board following each SPEC meeting with respect to its activities, and with such recommendations, as the SPEC deems necessary.

The responsibilities of the Strategic Planning and Environment Committee includes:

  • Gather information from Members, Staff, regulatory bodies, investors, financial institutions and legislative bodies on industry trends, forecasts and directions;
  • Assess the industry environment in which the WAPP Organization will be functioning;
  • Assess capabilities and competencies of the WAPP Organization against the industry environment, including coordination with neighboring entities;
  • Formulate strategies to ensure achievement of the mission statement, goals, objectives, and responsibilities of the WAPP Organization, and recommend necessary modifications to the internal processes of the WAPP Organization to carry out these strategies;
  • Work with other Organisational Committees in developing related action plans, schedules and budgets;
  • Review annually the structure and charters of each of the subsidiary Task Forces (Investment Programming, Environment, Technical) of the SPC, and together with the Chairpersons of the subsidiary Task Forces, recommend changes to the Executive Board, as appropriate;
  • Review the self-assessments of the subsidiary Task Forces to assure that they are being done on a consistent basis;
  • Complete a self-assessment annually to determine how effectively the SPC is meeting its responsibilities;
  • Perform such other functions as the Executive Board may delegate or direct.
Short Description: 
Le Comité de la planification stratégique et de l'environnement (SPEC) est composé de onze représentants.