2nd Hydropower Project On St. Paul River in Liberia

The project involves the implementation of a 2nd hydropower project on the St. Paul River that shall be identified after evaluating the most optimal manner of developing a cascade of hydropower resources on the river.
To reduce the supply-demand imbalance in Liberia and the CLSG Member countries as well as augment the component of renewable energy in the regional energy mix.
Project Status
Within support from the World Bank, an Optimisation Study was concluded in 2019 that identified as priority investment on the St. Paul River, the development of a 150 MW Hydropower Facility at a location approximately 80 km upstream of Mount Coffee (called “SP2”) that shall be coupled with a 90 MW Solar Power Park. The implementation of this project shall also potentially increase the yield of the existing Mt. Coffee Hydropower Plant from 88 MW to 132 MW. Pre-investment studies for the development of these energy infrastructure are ongoing that shall also gauge the possibility and modality of private sector participation. These pre-investment studies are expected to be completed in Quarter 4 of 2022 following which the process shall be launched to mobilise the required financing.
Useful Information
Funding Secured (US$)9 600 000
Funding Gap (US$)-
Funding SourcesWB