Planning, Investment Programming and Environmental Safeguards (PIPES) Department

The PIPES Department, as an organ of the WAPP Secretariat, has as objective, to facilitate the timely anticipation, development and realization of viable projects that would permit the unhindered evolution of the WAPP interconnected system.  The primary focus of the PIPES Department is to ensure that the adopted priority projects of the WAPP as specified in the approved ECOWAS Masterplan for Generation and Transmission of Electrical Energy are implemented.

The Department is responsible for the preparation of WAPP projects to ensure that all required pre-investment studies that demonstrate bankability are available in a timely manner that would permit the mobilization of financing.

The Department is also responsible for the coordination, follow up, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of WAPP projects to ensure that the realization of projects is according to agreed implementation schedules and in conformity with the requirements of funding agencies and national regulations especially with regards to the safeguard of the environment.

As part of its responsibilities and in collaboration with the other organs of WAPP as well as utility project teams, PIPES:

  • Prepares Terms of Reference (ToR) for the pre-investment studies (pre-feasibility, feasibility, technical, economic, financial, institutional, commercial as well as environmental and social impact assessments) of the approved regional projects;
  • Coordinates the adoption of the ToRs by the involved countries;
  • Mobilises funding for the preparation of the pre-investment studies;
  • Coordinates the recruitment of Consultants for the preparation of the pre-investment studies;
  • Manages the preparation of the pre-investment studies to demonstrate project bankability;
  • Mobilises financing for the implementation of the projects;
  • Coordinates and monitors the implementation of the projects;
  • Updates the Master Plan periodically and prepare contingency scenarios if necessary;
  • Conducts periodic updates of the WAPP Business Plan;
  • Anticipates funding / financing needs for the development of the projects;
  • Coordinates the timely intervention of Partners in projects by organizing periodic Donor coordination meetings;
  • Interfaces with other sub-regional entities in the electricity sub-sector of West Africa to ensure proper coordination of activities;
  • Develop and implement medium voltage cross border projects;
  • Organises meetings of the Strategic Planning and Environmental Committee for the adoption of programmes and recommendations based on pre-investments studies undertaken and provide support to the Committee in the accomplishment of its mission;