140 MW OMVS Gouina Hydropower Project

The project involves the construction of a dam on the River Senegal at about 80 km from Kayes in Mali with a capacity of 140 MW and potential yield of 570 to 620 GWh per annum.
To reduce the power supply deficit of OMVS Member countries (Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Guinea) and augment the component of renewable energy in the regional energy mix.
Project Status
The project implementation is almost completed and it is expected that commissioning shall be completed in Quarter 4 of 2021. The preparation of the project was supported by WB and EU-A ITF.
Useful Information
Funding Secured (US$)1 850 000
Funding Gap (US$)-
Funding SourcesWB, EU-A ITF
Funding Secured (US$)373 000 000
Funding Gap (EUR)-
Funding SourcesExim Bank China, OMVS Member States