Sierra Leone Emergency Program

To provide emergency support to the power sector in Siera Leone
Project Status
Following assessments by WAPP and subsequent Joint appraisal missions by WAPP Secretariat and ECOWAS Commission, the Council of Ministers upon instruction from the Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS, approved the funding of the programs. Related financing agreements were consequently signed between ECOWAS Commission and the concerned Governments as well as with WAPP Secretariat as Implementing Agency. The implementation of the program in Guinea is completed and the rest are in progress
Follow up Actions Required
WAPP, ECOWAS Commission and concerned countries to implement & monitor the programmes
useful information
Type of StudyEmergency works and Supply
Cost of Study (US$ millions)70
Funds Secured (US$ millions)70
Financing Gap (US$ millions)0
Funding SourcesWAPP